Morals, smorals

September 11, 2015

I just spent several disappointing minutes on Amazon checking out two books by Pinker and Harris recommended on one of the atheist podcasts I follow, both with theses relating to the development of morals. Unsurpisingly, I found a scathing review of Harris’s book— full disclosure: I *really* *really* don’t like the guy, ever since I bought his book “The End of Faith” on recommendation from another atheist podcast, and was disgusted by some comments he made to the effect of how it’s ok to preemptively kill Muslims —, but I was surprised to also find several criticisms of Pinker’s book that make the case that he engages in a horrendous amount of cherry-picking. So, where can I find a scientifically rigorous look at morals that delves into philosophical implications of an atheistic worldview? I don’t know…

But the point of this post was less to kvetch and more to point readers to the full text of Crane Brinton’s “History of Western Morals“, one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors. I wish I’d discovered this sooner.